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Complex components machining
Jun 15, 2018

 It is always a difficulty for CNC machining technician that machining complex cambered components.They should consider every details of how to clamp,how to locate,how to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of clamping,how to arrange the machining process and how to choose the knife,etc.The CNC machining engineer should consider all these problems well.


Goodjob precision’s engineers have some experience in how to machining the complex components.

1.       We should consider the clamping efficiency and durability when design the clamp.At the same time we should consider the requirement for machining positioning.There should be specific standard of workpiece clamping for the workers to ensure the machining quality steady and reliable.

2.       The choice of knife is very important for complex cambered surface machining.Especially brass material with high grade and low hardness.It’s easy to stick the knife during machining process.If so,it will lead to critical damage to the clamp and then influence the accuracy of the clamp.So we should consider the workpiece’s material property to choose the knife and design clamp.

3.       Design inspection jig for inspecting and control the quality during machining process.It can help to ensure the machining quality and reduce the inspection costs.


Goodjob Precision is a professional CNC machining company with lots of experience in complex components machining.You can send your enquiry to info@goodjob.com. We will reply you in 24 hours.