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How to deal with the deformation during precision machining
Jun 20, 2018

During the precision machining process,there are some unpredictable factors which will cause deformation and then influence the machining precision of precision components.Through many years’ experience of precision machining,Goodjob precision’s engineer summarize some reasons which may cause deformation.

1.   When split tubular material,it will have bending deformation.

2.   When hollow the center position of components via EDM it will have stress deformation.

3.   POM material components will lead deformation when the cutting output is large or the machining temperature is high.

4.   The custom material don’t have suitable and scientific aging treatment.

5.   Unsuitable technological process will cause following prcess machining deformation for complex components.

To avoid these deformation and then influence the precision of components,Goodjob precision’s engineer give some suggestion:

1.   For the custom material and hollow material,we should have suitable and scientific aging treatment.

2.   Setting suitable technological process for complex components machining.

3.   We should consider the special features of material,like POM,PVC.Keep suitable machining allowance.Using small quantity,repeated machining to process.

4.   We should design good clamp for cambered surface machining which can help balance the clamp force on workpiece.