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How to ensure high quality for precision components machining
Jun 20, 2018


The trend of precision components machining is high precision,multispecies and lowcost.To ensure the high quality of precision components machining,we should have a good environment first.

1.   Pollution.The precision machining machine should have a clean place for machining to ensure its advantage.The cleanliness should be high and there is very little dusty.

2.   Vibration.The vibration will interfere not only the machining machine,but also cause vibration between the cutting tools and workpiece.The vibration will lead to a displacement between the tools and workpiece and it will influence the component’s precision and surface roughness directly.So the precision components machining machine should have excellent vibration isolation.At present foreign machining shop mainly use air sping as vibration isolation and it have good vibration isolation effect.

3.   Temperature.The precision components machining should be processing in constant temperature place.The change of temperature will influence the machine’s precision.So the machining components can’t reach desired precision.