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How to select the positioning reference during turning
May 07, 2018

The selection of the positioning reference includes the selection of the positioning method and the selection of the positioning surface of the workpiece to be machined.

Due to the limitations of the forming movement and the degree of freedom of machining in turning, CNC lathes are relatively simple in the selection of positioning references for machining parts, there is not much choice, and there is no excessive reference conversion problem.

Shaft (sleeve) parts of the positioning method is usually one end of the outer circle (or inner hole) fixed, that is, with a three-jaw chuck, four-jaw chuck or spring sleeve (axis) to fix the outer circle (or inner hole) surface of the workpiece. However, this type of positioning method has a certain limitation on the workpiece's overhang length. If the workpiece overhang is too long, it will cause deformation during the cutting process. In severe cases, cutting will not be performed. For the workpiece with long overhanging elongation, a top or two tip positions can be used to clamp the workpiece. If necessary, auxiliary supports such as a center frame and a knife holder can be used to reduce the force deformation of the workpiece.