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Some Ways to Improve the Processing Efficiency of Precision Parts
May 07, 2018

Non-standard equipment parts in the processing process will exhibit accelerated tool wear, processing the appearance of poor, difficult to remove the common problems such as chip cleaning, seriously affecting the precision of such data processing parts of the quality, production cycle and processing costs. In accordance with the metal skills, metal cutting, non-standard equipment parts processing theory and other theories of the above material processing difficulties analysis, to explore a set of effective stainless steel data drilling, hinge, boring processing skills. China's mechanical manufacturing operations are hampered by skills and talents, and it is difficult to compete with large companies in Europe and the United States in skill innovation and product research and development. However, with the influx of foreign capital and the intensification of work competition, the domestic machinery parts processing work has increased investment in independent development, and has now achieved infinite results, especially the mechanical measuring instrument production company in digital display skills and digital display hardware The measurement product has finished breaking. For example, the 2m CNC gear measuring instrument successfully developed in China has become a precision measuring instrument that is highly competitive in the world. Others rely on external forces, but also to the domestic machinery processing companies in the technical assistance has been extremely good, and now most of the domestic non-standard equipment parts processing companies have introduced many foreign large brands of precision machining equipment. There is no lack of equipment imported from Japan or Germany. With the assistance of external forces, the precision and fineness of the goods processed from non-standard equipment parts are also largely promoted.

Non-standard equipment parts require super-lubricated machining appearance and high machining accuracy. This demanding tool has a high standard number of life, whether the tool is worn or not, and whether the quality of the machining surface is not to reduce the overshoot. The standard number of life of diamond tools is very high, and tool wear is also very slow during high speed cutting. Therefore, in ultra-precision cutting, the cutting speed is not limited by the tool life, which is different from the general cutting rules.

Non-standard equipment parts machining selection of cutting speed, often based on the dynamic characteristics of the use of ultra-precision machine tools and dynamic characteristics of the cutting system, that is, pick the minimum vibration speed. Due to the minimum external roughness at this speed, the machining quality is highest. Obtaining high-quality non-standard mechanical processing appearance is the primary question for the processing of non-standard equipment parts. The use of good quality, especially in the dynamic characteristics of ultra-precision machine tools with low vibration, can use high cutting speeds, can process the power.

The selection of machining parameters for non-standard equipment parts mainly includes the selection of the viewpoint of the cutting tool, the selection of cutting speed, and the selection of cutting depth and feed rate. From past experience, we know that if we choose a tool with a larger rake angle in the processing of plastic data, it can be used as a tool for the accumulation of pinches. This is when the tool rake angle is increased, the cutting force is reduced, the cutting distortion is small, and the tool and swarf are small. The shorter contact length reduces the basis for the formation of BUE.

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