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The malfunction analysis of precision machining processing
Jun 20, 2018

Along with the improvement of technology,people become more familiar with the machining center.Now,Chinese precision machining can provide more and more precision components to worldwide manufacturer,designer,etc.During the machining processing,there will be some malfunction need us to solve.How?

1.       Manual operation or or using hand wheel to the safe position.Or clean the switch contact.

2.       Change the travel switch.

3.       Inspect the travel switch to see if there is short circuit or not,if yes it should rehandling.Inspect the signal source(+24v direct-current main)

4.       Adjust the installation site of travel switch,to ensure it can be pressed the switch contact to the operating position.

5.       Change the entrance point on the I/O board and setting the parameter well.Modify the PLC form.