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The material of cutting tools for precision machining
Jun 20, 2018

Along with the continuous improvement of technology,there are new cutting tools emerge in endlessly.There are lots of modern high speed machining center have speed of mainshaft over 12000r/min.Using cemented carbide coating blade to machining the crankshaft hole will get better surface roughness than using CBN blade.The cemented carbide coating blade have better impact resistance than CBN blade.So the blade will not break suddenly,it makes the production more safe.When choosing low speed (Vc=125m/min)for cemented carbide coating blade,it can ensure the steady of diameter of holes.We can also choose CBN blade to machining the holes if the blank have good quality.It can help improve the production efficiency.


During flexile machining,the billeteer will produce steady blank for precision machining.So the rough machining is very important process for flexile machining.But the quality of blank is not steady.So we suggest to choose cemented carbide coating blade.Refer to the cutting manual,when the Vc is 150-240m/min,we suggest to choose feeding speed 180m/min.