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The principle and characteristics of die casting process
May 07, 2018

The die-casting process is a process in which the die-casting alloy, the die-casting die, and the die-casting machine are combined and applied organically.

The principle of the die casting process is to use high pressure to press the molten metal into a precision metal mold cavity at high speed. The molten metal cools and condenses under pressure to form a die casting. Cold and hot chamber die casting are two basic methods of die casting process. In the cold chamber die-casting, the molten metal is poured into the pressure chamber by hand or automatic pouring equipment, and then the injection punch is advanced to hydraulically press the metal into the cavity. In the hot chamber die-casting process, the pressure chamber is perpendicular to the crucible and the molten metal automatically flows into the pressure chamber through the feed port on the pressure chamber. The injection plunger moves downwards and pushes the molten metal through the gooseneck into the cavity. After the molten metal condenses, the die-casting mold is opened and the casting is taken out to complete a die-casting cycle.

Die casting process advantages:

(1) Metal parts with a disordered shape, sharp outlines, and thin-walled deep cavities can be produced. Because the molten metal maintains high fluidity at high pressure and high speed, it is possible to obtain metal parts that are difficult to process by other processes.

(2) The dimensional accuracy of the die castings is high, up to IT11-13 grade, sometimes up to IT9 grade, appearance roughness Ra0.8~3.2um, good interchangeability.

(3) High material utilization. Because of the high precision of die castings, only a small amount of machining is required for installation and application. Some die castings can be directly installed and used. Its material utilization rate is about 60%~80%, and the blank utilization rate reaches 90%.

(4) High production efficiency. Because of the high-speed filling, the short filling time, the metal industry quickly condenses, and the die casting operation cycle speed. In various casting processes, the die casting method has the highest yield and is suitable for mass production.

(5) facilitate the use of inserts. It is easy to set the positioning mechanism on the die casting mold to facilitate the injection molding of the insert to meet the local special performance requirements of the die casting.