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What kind of surface can use turning to processing?
Jun 15, 2018

We know the main kinds of machining process is turning and milling.What kind of surface can be machined by turning?

The turning machine can always machining lot kinds of surface.We can summarize as below:

1.       the outside surface of cylinder,taper and circular workpiece.

2.       The inside surface of cylinder,taper and circular workpiece.

3.       Flat surface.It always means the end face of shaft.Actually turning process can machining most flat surface with vertical face.

4.       If the clamp and knife of turning machine is good enough,it can also machining some complex surface.


In ideal condition,the workpiece penetration of a cutting tool is continuously,the turning process is also continuously,the machining surface will be screw form.The economic precision can be 7-8 grade,and the economic surface roughtness can be 3.2.If the workpiece penetration of a cutting tool is not continuously,the vibration will be large.It will lead large wastage of cutting tools,machining machine and precision.And the surface will also be rough.


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