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Application Of AI-Assisted CNC In Self-Driving Cars
Dec 28, 2018

Self-driving cars also known as autonomous cars are the vehicle moving with less or no human input by sensing the environment. They combine various sensor in order to judge the surrounding environment. The control system used then interprets the information to identify the correct path and obstacle blockage.

The role of CNC automotive in self-driving cars is of great importance. With the introduction of AI in the CNC, CNC automotive has been giving more output as compared to before. The AI-assisted CNC automotive is used in the manufacturing of automotive parts as well as automotive machining. As self-driving cars require more accuracy as compared to human-driven cars where the chance of errors can be catered. These CNCs are used in the manufacturing of electrical components as well as the mechanical components of the self-driving cars. Moreover, CNC automotive can be used for various other operations such as tapping centers, mold making applications, laser machining, handling etc. The mechanical components manufactured includes the brake shoes, ruled based programmed engine parts, housings of various electrical components, heat sinks front panels etc. The electrical components of the autonomous vehicle which can be manufactured by CNC automotive are the radar sensors which detect the road dynamics, the processing components, optical instruments of the car, membrane switches, adapters, connectors, sockets, wave solder pallet. These parts require superior surface quality and higher accuracy. Moreover, all the parts are required to be exactly identical which is accomplished by AI assisted CNC automotive.