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Grinding Process
Jun 20, 2018

The machining process that using grinding tools machining the surface of workpiece via high linear speed is called grinding.It is always used for precision parts processing and hard surface machining.There are lots of grains float on the surface of workpiece,they cut the tiny material under definited pressure via rolling,scraping and squeezing.When the grains grind plastic material components,the surface of workpiece will generate crack under pressure.Along with the moving of grains,the crack will become larger and stagger and become chips falling off from the workpiece.The relative movement between grinding tools and workpiece is complex,and the movement of grains is not repeated on the workpiece so it can remove the “high spot”of workpiece.This is the function of mechanical cutting.


The technology scope of grinding is wide.It can divide to rough grinding,accurate grinding,fine grinding and mirror surface grinding.The precision and surface roughness that each grinding process can reach is not the same.The grinding tools for precision parts processing have features like small grains,high hardness,good heat resistance,etc.It can used to machining hard metal material and non-metal material.Like hardening steel,hard alloy tools,ceramic,etc.There are huge numbers of grains cutting together,so it can cut off chips which is very thin and small.So via grinding,the workpiece can get high precision and small surface roughness.