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Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence In CNC
Dec 28, 2018

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is basically the system or operation of algorithms that are optimized automatically as they undergo some processes. The field of rapid manufacturing is witnessing revolutionary changes after the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the CNC machines improving its performance.

Artificial Intelligence reduces machine downtime. As the machine runs, it develops faults which sometimes are difficult to be detected thus reducing the productivity depending upon the industrial scale. With the introduction of AI in CNC machines, the machine will be able to self-diagnose the fault with the help of AI software saving many hours of machine downtime. Moreover, the introduction of AI in CNC automotive will also aid in quality control by maintaining the consistency of the output. The output will be continually monitored and checked with automatic adjustments made in order to produce consistent products. This will have an impact on the cost and efficiency with higher accuracy and less wastage of the raw material.