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Learn About Types Of CNC Machining
Jun 06, 2018

CNC machine design will vary greatly. On some styles, the part will move or rotate while the spindle and tool remains stationary, in others the part is stationary and the spindle and tool moves, and a third type is a mixture of either the part and spindle moving.

Explore the common CNC machining operations and the types of CNC machines they run on. In this eBook, we’ll cover:

3-axis machining

The most common CNC machines produced commercially. Used for simple prismatic parts—to complex molds, medical or aerospace parts.

4-axis simultaneous

This type of machining is necessary when part geometry wraps around a part, common in the aerospace and other industries.

5-axis machining

Popular in parts where complex shapes and small clearances, are the norm—such as impellers, turbines, intake ports and more.

Lathe and mill turn

Lathes and mill turn machines are capable of turning a part and drilling, cutting, or carving out the shape that is needed.