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The Capacity Deciding Condition Of CNC Machining Center
Jun 20, 2018

CNC machining machine is used more and more widely for precise and complex components production now.But what is the critical features to decide what kind of components can be produced by CNC machine?


The capacity of CNC machining center is decided by the numerical control system,the machine tool structure,mechanical capacity,etc.

1.       the numerical control system:the numerical control system have from 2 axis linkage,3 axis linkage to 5 axis linkage.The more axis linkage,the more complex components the machine can produce.In theory,the 5 axis linkage machine can produce any structure components.

2.       Machine tool structure:Under the condition of control system decided,the structure of machine tool also can decide what structure of components can be produced.For example,the numerical control system support 5 axis linkage,but the machine tool don’t have so many axis,so the machine can’t have the function of 5 axis linkage.

3.       Mechanical capacity:Under the condition of control system and machine tool structure decided,the mechanical capacity decided the precision of machining.The more precise of the machine tool,the more precise of components the machine tool can machining.Generally speaking,the precision of machining components is one level lower than the precision of machine tool.