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The Development Status Of Humanoid Robot
Nov 06, 2018

Research and development status of humanoid robot

Honda spent nearly 20 years developing ASIMO, and its project is called Advanced Step in InnovaTIve Mobility. The name comes from a remotely controlled robot that has suffered awkward failures when climbing stairs and has developed into a running robot that can take the stairs, pick up the bottle and pour water, and be natural. As for most bystanders, there is a 4 foot tall person in the robot. In 2014, it also had the ability to interact directly with humans.

The latest Honda ASIMO robot can behave like a human

In fact, robotics is nothing more than a sideline for Honda, mainly to apply technology to its core businesses (cars, motorcycles and trucks). Company representatives also often said that ASIMO has no more business plans, so they never quoted, and there are not many development plans.

Toyota's T-HR3 humanoid robot

At present, Boston Dynamics is building Atlas, which is arguably the most powerful humanoid robot in existence. Although it lacks elegance, it excels in speed and agility. Atlas can run, jump and retreat.

Softbank's Pepper robot is extremely expressive, fluid and responsive, but it has hardly changed in recent years except for software updates. In addition, the company's focus is to sell Pepper as a new darling of the reception to the company.