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The Difference Between Numerical Control Machine And General Automatic Machine
Jun 20, 2018

The structure of workpiece and machining process is almost the same between numerical control machine and general machine.But because of the numerical control system,there are also big difference between them.

1.       The numerical control machine use totally closed or semi-closed protective devices.It can avoid the smear metal or cutting fluid burst out,and hurt the operator.

2.       Using automatic chip removal device.The numerical control machine always use inclined lathe bed to make the chip removal more conveniently.

3.       The speed of mainshaft is high,and the clamping of workpiece is safe.The numerical control machine always use hydraulic chuck that the clamp force is easy to adjust.And it can help to reduce the labour intensity of operator.

4.       Change knives automatically.The numerical control machine use self-motion rotation knift rest.It can ensure the machine can change knives automatically when machining.And finish several machining process continuously.

5.       The main drive and feed drive is separate.The main drive and feed drive of numerical control machine use separately independent servo motor.,it makes the transmission chain become simple and reliable.At the same time,each motor can work separately and also multi-axis motion.