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The Future Of China’s CNC Machining Industry
May 14, 2018

China has surpassed Germany to become the largest machine tool market in the world nowadays. CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. In the future, the market of CNC machine tools is huge, that is to say, the future of China’s CNC machining industry is good. At the same time, China’s CNC machine tool technology has been greatly improved by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan the independent innovation ability of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment have improved significantly, and we mastered a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights which plays undoubtedly unparalleled role in the China’s CNC machining industry.


Now there are numerous CNC machining enterprises in the market of CNC machine tools, GOODJOB is an excellent and professional CNC machining enterprise among them. CNC department of GOODJOB has 80 advanced CNC machines to assure the stable quality and fast delivery. All processes complete in house except surface treatment. 

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