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The High Positional Accuracy Of Metal Precision Machining Coming True
Jun 20, 2018

The machining tools for metal precision machining include cutting tools,grindling tools and cutter sharpening tools.There are several questions need to investigate when using diamond cutter tools for ultraprecise cutting.The cutter edge radius of diamond cutter tools should reach to 2nm,at the same time the inspection method should also be solved.The cutter edge radius have close relations with the cutting thickness.If the cutting thickness will reach 10nm,so the cutter edge radius should be 2nm.Ultraprecise machining means the machining precision should reach sub-micron(dimention error 0.3-0.03um,the surface roughness is Ra0.03-0.005um)and Nanoscale(precision error is 0.03um and surface roughness should be less than Ra0.005um.).The technical method and technical measures used to make these come true is called metal precision machining.Adding the inspection technic,environment protection and material,people call this technology the ultraprecise engineering.


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