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The Machining Processing For Shaft Components
Jun 20, 2018

With many years’ experience in shaft machining, Goodjob precision sort out the machining processing for shaft parts.

1-1.       the cognition of machining processing

1-2.       Components analyzing

1-3.       The choice of material,blank,surface treatment,etc.

1-4.       The machining surface and machining processes that generally used for shaft components

1-5.       Thechoice of turning tools for shaft components(bars parts)

1-6.       The choice of machining machine and the clamp for workpiece

1-7.       The choice of datum

1-8.       The divide of machining processing and the arrangement of processing sequence

1-9.       The confirmation of machining allowance and machining tolerance.

1-10.    The formulation of machining time

1-11.    Write machining processing paper.