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The Tolerance Of Custom Machining Components
Jun 19, 2018

It’s the fact of manufacturing that it’s impossible to produce a component with desired nominal dimensions.This is unescapable due to several influence factors.Like the inherent inaccuracies of machining machine,the deformation of the workpiece,the deviation of fixture,the temperature influence during processing,and the skills of operator,etc.Setting a reasonable permissible degree of inaccuracy is more feasible.This permissible inaccuracy of each components is not the same but due to their use.It should not affect the proper function after assembling in a whole products.According to the ISO system,the nominal dimension is the basic size of the components.The deviations from the basic size to each side determine the high and the low limits permitted.And the difference between the two limits of size is called the tolerance.There are eighteen standard grades of tolerance in the ISO system.And the requirement of tolerance will affect the costs directly.The smaller requirement of the tolerance,the high costs will be.So when we design the components,we should add the tolerance according to it’s fitting.


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