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What Should A Good CNC Machine Operator Have
Jun 15, 2018

CNC machine is used for precision machining.It gather the function drilling,milling,boring,reaming and tapping together.To be a good CNC machine operator,you should meet the requirements as below:

1.       have good measuring technique base.

2.       Know clearly about the assembly requirement and using requirement of the workpiece.

3.       Know clearly about the clamp and fixture.

4.       Generally know the relative process.Like casting,electromachining,heat treatment,etc.

5.       Be familiar with the choice and maintance of cooling liquid.

6.       Collect data for knife,machines and machinery standard.Especially should know well about the knife system the CNC machine use.

7.       Be familiar with the process specification and the requirement each process can reach.

8.       Good knoweadge of knife system.Know the general cutting data,etc.

9.       Know the property of machining material.

10.   Know clearly of the structure and technological characteristics of drilling,milling,boring,grinding and planning machine.


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