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Aluminum housing of E-cigarette

Precision Machining Parts with Red Anodised Our team of expert machinists are skilled at creating parts that fit tight tolerances and are consistently produced over high volumes. Our plastic machining capabilities and benefits include: 1. State-of-the-art computerized machinery 2. Produce parts...
Product Details:

Aluminum housing of E-cigarette 

Part Number:GJ-T037
Part Name:Aluminum housing of E-cigarette 

Raw material:


Minimum tolerance


Surface treatment

Blue Anodised



Packing information

Neutral packing

Delivery time

15 days for samples, 30 days for mass production



Processing machines

CNC lathes, automatic Lathes, grinding machine, CNC machining centers, milling machines

Our CNC machining team of experienced CNC turning machinists are available to provide the affordable precision machining service that you need. We work with a wide range of materials, from steel, stainless steel and cast iron, to bronze, plastics, aluminum and beyond.

At Goodjob precision components, we have CNC precision machining centers that can handle an array of different tasks, such as drilling, tapping, turning and milling. The Experienced machinists at Goodjob combine accuracy with flexibility. We machine steel, copper, bronze, steel including high alloy, stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron. Our CNC turning machines use “3”, “6”or”12”bar stock materials to automatically feed our machines to convert raw metal into a precision components repeatedly, efficiently and effectively.



Factory building

R&D building

Workshop of Turning parts

Workshop of Turning parts

Inspection Room of Machining Center

Assembly Dept.

Inspection Room

Inspection Room


1. Q: What is called Quenching in heat treatment?

A: Quenching is a process of cooling a metal at a rapid rate. This is most often done to produce a martensite transformation. In ferrous alloys, this will often produce a harder metal, while non-ferrous alloys will usually become softer than normal.

To harden by quenching, a metal (usually steel or cast iron) must be heated above the upper critical temperature and then quickly cooled. Depending on the alloy and other considerations (such as concern for maximum hardness vs. cracking and distortion), cooling may be done with forced air or other gases, (such as nitrogen).

2.Q: What is annealing in heat treatment?

A: Annealing consists of heating a metal to a specific temperature and then cooling at a rate that will produce a refined microstructure, either fully or partially separating the constituents. The rate of cooling is generally slow. Annealing is most often used to soften a metal for cold working, to improve machinability, or to enhance properties like electrical conductivity.

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