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Dongguan Goodjob Precision Components Co.,Ltd.

ADD: No.68, Changsheng North Road, Dalang,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

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Anodised E-cigarette case by CNC machining

Precision Machining Parts with Red Anodised Our team of expert machinists are skilled at creating parts that fit tight tolerances and are consistently produced over high volumes. Our plastic machining capabilities and benefits include: 1. State-of-the-art computerized machinery 2. Produce parts...
Product Details:

 Anodised E-cigarette case by CNC machining

Part Number:GJ-T038
Part Name: Anodised E-cigarette case by CNC machining

Raw material:


Minimum tolerance


Surface treatment

Blue Anodised



Packing information

Neutral packing

Delivery time

15 days for samples, 30 days for mass production



Processing machines

CNC lathes, automatic Lathes, grinding machine, CNC machining centers, milling machines

Company profile

Founded in 2005, Goodjob continues to provide custom CNC machining and assemblies for a wide range of industries , Medical, Hydraulic, Automobile and lighting. Our state of the art CNC machining and inspection equipment delivers the highest milled and turned metal and plastic parts available.

CNC machining is our specialty with primary focus on CNC milling and turning.

We utilize the latest software and tooling techniques to achieve maximum output. We provide complete manufacturing solutions for our clients, by using a large network of supporting services that include heat treatment, grinding, plating, laser marking, anodizing, bar code labeling, packaging, magnetic particle inspection, solid film lube and assembly.

Quality control department regularly audits suppliers to ensure conformance.

Our state of art CNC machining and inspection equipment delivers the highest quality milled and turned metal and plastic parts available. We constantly seek to reduce the lead times and improve quality and customer service.


Factory building

R&D building

Workshop of Turning parts

Workshop of Turning parts

Inspection Room of Machining Center

Assembly Dept.

Inspection Room

Inspection Room


1. Q: What is Tempering in heat treatment?

A: Untempered martensitic steel, while very hard, is too brittle to be useful for most applications. A method for alleviating this problem is called tempering. Most applications require that quenched parts be tempered. Tempering consists of heating steel below the lower critical temperature, (often from 400 to 1105 ˚F or 205 to 595 ˚C, depending on the desired results), to impart some toughness. Higher tempering temperatures (may be up to 1,300 ˚F or 700 ˚C, depending on the alloy and application) are sometimes used to impart further ductility, although some yield strength is lost.

2. Q: What called Aging in heat treatment?

A: Some metals are classified as precipitation hardening metals. When a precipitation hardening alloy is quenched, its alloying elements will be trapped in solution, resulting in a soft metal. Aging a "solutionized" metal will allow the alloying elements to diffuse through the microstructure and form intermetallic particles. These intermetallic particles will nucleate and fall out of solution and act as a reinforcing phase, thereby increasing the strength of the alloy. Alloys may age "naturally" meaning that the precipitates form at room temperature, or they may age "artificially" when precipitates only form at elevated temperatures. In some applications, naturally aging alloys may be stored in a freezer to prevent hardening until after further operations - assembly of rivets, for example, may be easier with a softer part.

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